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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which is not included in the FAQ please do not hesitate to send your question to support@mypetspages.com.

Which browser should I use?

Some pages within the My Pets Pages web site utilize javascript to provide some features and allow you more functionality when building your pet's web site. Unfortunately not all browsers are able to view the pages which make use of this javascript. We have successfully tested this web site using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and upwards, Netscape 6 and upwards, and Opera 5.01 and upwards. If you are using a different browser and find that some pages look funny or do not work properly then please try one of the browser we have tested.

I have more than one animal. Do I have to create multiple web sites?

It is not necessary to create multiple web site if you have more than one pet. It is quite possible for you to create one web site and add pictures of all your pets. When you are creating your web site and are asked for the name of your pet, type in all of the names of your pets. Unfortunately at this time you are not able to specify multiple types and breeds so just select appropriate settings for one of your pets (this only affects entries which are directory listed so doesn't matter for your web site itself). Please note:although you can add pictures for as many pets as you have, you are still limited to three picture pages, each which can include up to five pictures.

I don't have a scanner. Can I send photographs to you for scanning?

We realize that not everyone has access to a scanner and therefore cannot create a My Pets Pages web site for their pets. With this in mind we provide a FREE OF CHARGE service whereby we will scan your pet photographs for you and include them into your web site. For details on how to do this please send an email to scanning@mypetspages.com

What format should my pictures be?

Please make sure that any pictures you want to add to your My Pets Pages web site are either JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Any other format will be rejected when you try and upload.

What file size should my pictures be?

You pictures should be no more than 70 Kilobytes in file size. Anything larger than this will be rejected. Please remember: the larger your picture, the longer it will take to display on the Internet. You should try and optimize your pictures so that the file size is as small as possible.

What height and width can my pictures be?

You pictures can be any height and width you want but please remember the file size limit still applies.

I am having trouble sizing and optimizing my pictures. Can you help?

We understand that not everyone knows how to manipulate pictures on their computers. For that reason we offer a FREE service whereby you can email your pictures to us and we will resize and optimize them for you. If you would like us to do this then please email your pictures to images@mypetspages.com. We endeavor to get your optimized pictures back to you within 24 hours.

I would like to create a My Pets Pages web site as a gift for somebody. Is this possible?

We are currently putting together a gift pack which we can send to any address you desire. Please email gifts@mypetspages.com for further details.


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